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Rachel Muscat was born on the 10th March 1987, in the beautiful mystical island of Malta. Since she was very little she was interested in art and used to play a lot with watercolors and paint. Her ability continued to flourish as she grew up, drawing and capturing every little thing that could inspire her. The beauty of nature and the subtle expressions in people’s faces intrigue her a lot and she always tries to capture that little magical moment in life that’s worth all the gloomy days we experience.

I’m quite down to earth person and I love deep random chats about life, traveling and creating art.

My travels


They Say everybody loves the Irish and I can confirm that is 100 % true .

Its not a secret that the irish are known for their hospitality and their love for a pint of Guinness. Apart from that Ireland offers wonderful scenery, beautiful towns and villages, historic castles and even lovely cities such as Galway.

During our ten day trip the weather was gorgeous , sunny with a little bit of breeze and some days were cloudy . The locals told us that it hasn’t been this warm since the 1970’s . They called it a heatwave . We all know what a heatwave is so us Maltese called it heaven P I guess we were lucky 1

Photos by Rachel Muscat P H O T O G R A P H Y – Creating Travel Moments JUNE 6, 2022

Oberstdorf and Fussen- Bavaria (Germany)

A 4 day trip in Oberstdorf , Germany and Fussen, Germany , surrounded by Nature and Beauty .

Crisp weather and a breath of Fresh Air.

‘In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful’. –Alice Walker

JUNE 3, 2022