Let’s talk about Pre- Wedding Photoshoot , locations and Outfits

So in a previous Blog I had mentioned why Pre-wedding are an important photographic session before the actual wedding date and this is more detailed and covers it all

-An opportunity to both the photographer and the couple to get to know each other on a more personal level.

– A nice photo which you can hang in your venue and later on at your place .

-Establishing a level of comfort

– Learning the natural behavior of the couple

  • A great way to get used to being photographed ahead of the big day.
  • Get hair and Make up trial
  • Having fun

These in-love sessions are really laid back. In my opinion they’re a lot of fun and I promise that any nerves you have at the start of your shoot will be long gone by the end and we will feel more comfortable with each other during the wedding day. You can choose to go to the beach or, or somewhere in the nature or, a cafe and a walk around town, maybe on a yacht or, somewhere special to the two of you, like where you first met or got engaged.

I avoid stiff posses as that is not my style. Of course , maybe being your first time in front of the camera i’ll offer a little bit of direction here and there .



A pre-wedding shoot is perfect for getting photos done somewhere completely different to your wedding day. With regards to Location , id’ let the couple choose the location , maybe add something little more personal , maybe their first date , their first kiss or simply some place that they love to go together. Of course i’ll provide help if the couple needs it .

A typical engagement shoot would last an hour and a half normally but if you want to plan for something longer, then just get in touch and tell me what you have planned.


Some beautiful locations in Malta :



Chadwick lakes .

San Anton ,



Golden bay


Fomm ir rih


Wied iz zurrieq


Gardjola Gardens

Ta Qali

Ta Cenc Cliffs




WHAT TO WEAR ? ( a question asked by many)

I photograph a lot of my brides and grooms-to-be a few months before the wedding season and I am often asked what I recommend they should wear for their pre wedding photo shoot

This is a very good question so here below please find answers.

Of course I suggest you wear something which you feel comfortable in . That is the most important thing.

-Check the weather a day before the engagement shoot. If the forecast is cold and windy, please wear something warmer so you are comfortable and don’t look frozen in the photographs. If you don’t like the heavy-jacket look, wear a coat that can be easily taken off while the photos are being taken, and then you can put it back on again. Guys sometimes turn up with just jeans and t-shirt, but it’s good to bring a jacket or a jumper during the colder months.

If you have a summer pre wedding shoot you might want to wear a flowy summer dress especially near the beach, guys can bring some cool sunglasses, and wear a nice shirt.

If you have an autumn photo shoot, a nice cosy jacket, and a colourful scarf might be an option, and it will also keep you warm. For the winter, colourful hats, funky gloves (if that’s your style!!), a warm and cosy coat are recommended.

Bold colours always look amazing in photographs. You do not need to hire a stylist to match both the bride’s and groom’s choice of colours for their pre wedding photoshoot , simply choose colours you both adore. If you wear your favourite colour, you will feel great and it will make you look great. Try to also compliment each other . Think about where your shoot is taking place and try to compliment your surroundings. Again neutral colours always look great – navy, cream, pale pink, camel, khaki, white and brown. In the Autumn and Winter months rich jewel colours look beautiful against a more bare landscape. Think about plum, purple, rich red and deep greens. Pastel colours look really really good in photos . You can co-ordinate your colours without being too matchy matchy. NOT matching each other , just complimenting each other.

Avoid too formal dressing, if you are looking for a more relaxed photo shoot . I want you to have fun during the shoot and be relaxed . So I might ask the groom to lift the bride up or maybe ask them to sit on the grass .These things make for really fun photographs and if you’re wearing a pencil skirt they might be difficult.

''A lot of couples have furry friends and they constantly ask me if they can get their dog for the shoot . Of course I am a BIG dog lover and that’s a BIG yes .Just so you know I might get carried away and end up photographing the dog'' 

I would suggest having some photos with your dog and also some without. I would encourage couples to bring a friend or a family member to dog sit during the prewedding session .

MOST importantly is to focus on each other and not me. Think about nice places you’ve visited together, places you’d like to visit together in the future. No talking about work or chores, they are strictly off limits. Smiling helps you to relax so just look into each other’s eyes and remember why you are getting married. Remember that soon you will be husband and wife .

Don’t Worry I will direct you where I need to, remember you have each other for support. If I’m not talking just keep snuggling, smooching and laughing. Some wonderful affectionate gestures look great on camera like kissing her forehead or cheek, ladies just smile and close your eyes.

A photoshoot is a collaboration between the photographer and the couple .This is a really important point to consider. I can stand you in the best light and I can direct you but if you don’t give me anything back, then it will show in your photographs. Very few people like having their photograph taken but try to forget about me and focus on each other. Even if you aren’t lovey dovey, you can still laugh together and be close. Small gestures look great, whispering, kissing, laughing, and most importantly enjoying the moment.